About Us

Kijiji is one of the most popular websites in Canada, and can bring great potential to your brand. It offers an opportunity for businesses like yours to reach out to the consumers you want at a crucial moment; right at the point when they’re looking to buy and most crucially when they are in a purchase mindset. Add to that our amazing team and our expertise, and you’ll see why we should be in your digital media strategy.

Bragging rights

  • We attract over 11 million unique visitors per month!
  • 40% of the Canadian population has visited Kijiji.ca
  • We’ve got bilingual content (English and French)
  • Our Peer-to-Peer trading enables the opportunity to reach large audiences both locally and regionally

Why do people come to Kijiji

  • To Browse, to see what choice is available
  • To Research, know exactly what they want and find the best deal
  • To Purchase
One thing is for certain: they land on our pages – and your advertisements – with a purchaser’s mindset.
The numbers and the stats tell the story for us. Kijiji just works.