If you are a dealer looking to sell your used car inventory, Kijiji Autos is a great partner. Kijiji Autos is Canada’s largest automotive site with five times the monthly traffic of our closest competitor. Over 4 million unique visitors come to our site every month shopping for a wide variety of cars and vehicles. Kijiji Autos continues to grow both in listed vehicles and traffic adding over 150 new partners to our site every month.

Bragging rights:

  • #1 in Automotive: 4 Million unique users monthly
  • More traffic and more leads: Kijiji Autos leads Autotrader by a wide margin
  • 18% of all online Canadians visit Kijiji Cars & Vehicles when browsing for new vehicles

Listing your cars on Kijiji will deliver you high quality leads at a price that can’t be beat. Learn more about tapping into our unique automotive audience by contacting one of our sales professionals. Call us today at 1-877-857-5454.